Lane Kiffin reveals whether he was happy at Alabama outside of winning, and that pick play he ran

Lane Kiffin reveals whether he was happy at Alabama outside of winning, and that pick play he ran

Lane Kiffin already has joked about his time at Alabama under coach Nick Saban.

He didn’t want to make that mistake again.

So on Monday when he appeared on “The Dan Le Batard Show” and was asked if he was happy at Alabama “outside of the winning,” the Florida Atlantic coach reflected a bit.

“Yes and no,” Kiffin told Le Batard. “I had a unique situation where, for the first time, my family didn’t come with me — my kids and wife. That made it, outside of the football part, not as much fun, because they were across the country.

“It would have been more enjoyable had they come and I continued a normal lifestyle, versus just going there to dive into football and learn from Coach Saban and win a bunch of games and have a blast on the field like we did. We went 40-3, so it was a good time.”

In December, Kiffin was asked to remember the happiest Saban had been with his offense and play calls.

Kiffin said, “I don’t recall a happy moment. I just recall the ass chewings. I won’t take that part of the process with me, though.” 

In the same month, he was also asked about working for Saban.

“This will come across wrong,” Kiffin was quoted as saying. “But it’s like dog years. Three years is like 21.”

He also joked about whether ex-wife Layla or Barack Obama takes more of his money.

 “When I called it the equivalent to coaching in dog years, I’m not going to repeat that again,” Kiffin told La Batard. “I thought it was kind of funny at the time, but I guess not. … Everybody laughed in the time, but then someone doesn’t like it when you go back to work.”

Is there a misunderstanding about his public perception?

“There’s a lot of negativity towards me as a person for whatever reason,” he explained. “I’ve always lived by the people that worked for me or around me or what the players say about you.

“I’d like to think if you poll the people I’m around or with, it’s a much different opinion of me versus what’s out there, especially from people that have never met me.”

The conversation gets lighter, but Kiffin did reveal his ability to whistle to his players overshadows even the loudest road venues.

Kiffin pointed to the 2014 Alabama-LSU game where he called for an audible – by whistling and it worked.

At the 10, the offense looked to Kiffin, who audibled to a pass, which resulted in an overtime win.

He said he called “a pick play.”

Take a look:

Check out the full interview.

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Published at Mon, 20 Mar 2017 17:37:26 +0000