Gus Malzahn ‘not ready to say’ there’s separation among Auburn QBs

Gus Malzahn ‘not ready to say’ there’s separation among Auburn QBs

After 10 practices including two scrimmages in fall camp, Gus Malzahn is “not ready to say” there’s been separation in Auburn’s quarterback “competition.”

In fact, there is little Malzahn is willing to say about Auburn’s quarterbacks other than they’ve all “done a lot of good things” – without specifically citing any of those aforementioned things, like the details on several long touchdown passes – or acknowledging who threw any of the three interceptions in the two scrimmages. Sean White threw them all, according to a source with knowledge of the matter, but Malzahn denied having any recollection.

All 3 quarterbacks throw touchdowns in Auburn’s second fall scrimmage

There were initial reports to the contrary due to a defensive player confusing the quarterbacks, but Stidham has not thrown an interception in fall camp. He was the heavy favorite to win the job from the onset and nothing over the past two weeks has changed that.

“He’s a talented young man,” Malzahn said, “and you know, he’s probably carried it (from the spring) on in fall. I’ve been very impressed with Sean White. I think if you ask (offensive coordinator) Chip (Lindsey), Sean’s like a coach on the field; he knows the offense inside and out. And Malik Willis, he’s a guy that I’m real happy with. I mean he’s been throwing the ball very well. He can extend plays, he can really run and he’s one of our best athletes on our team.

“Right now, I’d just say the depth of our quarterback position has just really been confirmed.”

Players haven’t given much of an indication to favor Stidham or White over the other either.

“They’re all doing great stuff out there,” offensive lineman Mike Horton said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen.”

What Lindsey & Malzahn are looking for before naming starting QB

Malzahn previously made “two weeks” the benchmark for when personnel decisions would be made but was “not ready to put a timetable” on when a starter would be named at quarterback or anywhere else.

“This is an evaluation scrimmage, there is no doubt,” Malzahn said. “I’ll get with all three sides of the football and we’ll have some personnel discussions. I’m not ready to stand up here right now really with any position and tell you that we’re ready or we’re close.

“Obviously having two scrimmages, we’ve got a lot of information. … Common sense is you’d like to start putting the pieces of the puzzle.”

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Published at Sat, 12 Aug 2017 20:46:00 +0000