Alabama’s Best Oyster Bar is…

Alabama’s Best Oyster Bar is…

by Jared Boyd

In late October this oyster journey began with a voting period to nominate the most popular, most delicious, and most aesthetically pleasing restaurants with an oyster-focused menu in Alabama. Based on your votes, we made a schedule for tasting up and down the state.

The angle of Alabama oysters is interesting, I’d say. As a Mobile-based reporter, I, like many of our readers, assumed that the competition skews heavily toward the Coast.

That’s a natural, and informed reaction. The Coast is near water. They have the best access to fresh seafood.

However, what Haley Laurence and I found is that a great oyster doesn’t make an oyster bar as easily as a bad oyster can break one. We considered aspects of each place we ate that reached beyond the criteria of the oysters alone.

We wanted to measure the best dining experience, which is a tough undertaking. But, there were some restaurants we walked into that astounded us before the wait staff was even able to place menus in front of us.

Essentially, we didn’t try too many different types of oysters. Several places we visited got their seafood from the same suppliers who fish the same waters.

In actuality, we were trying different decors, different customer services, different chefs’ menus and different dining cultures.

Now that the competition is over, and we’ve digested way more oysters than any well-intentioned human should in a two-week span, the question we are asking ourselves is: “Where would I love to eat again? Like, RIGHT now!”

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Published at Mon, 07 Nov 2016 15:54:50 +0000