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Alabama Cheap & Luxury Hotels & Inns

Alabama literally means a Tribal Town in the language of the Alabama tribe. It is an ancient state which has a rich historical background. The residents of this state are called the Alabamans. Till the 1900s this state was predominantly agrarian in nature with the main occupation of the people being agriculture. But after the World War II, there was massive growth of the state in terms of mining, educational and scientific centers and also setting up of the military and air force bases in the state.

This brought about a great change in the economy of the state. In 1960s, following the Civil Rights Movement by the African-American population, there was a change in the political scene too and the African-American citizens got the right to vote.

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama State and Birmingham is the largest city by population. Every city in the state has a history of its own and therefore, tourism is one of the main industries.

The State of Alabama celebrates many events and festivals all through the year which attract a lot of visitors from both the United States as well as foreign tourists who are interested in historical facts and events. There are plenty of hotels and inns in Alabama which cater to the domestic as well as the foreign tourists. The hotels and inns cater to the budget-conscious traveler as well as the more luxury seeking crowd. These hotels & inns are an experience in dining and hospitality which gives Alabama Frontier a leading name in the hospitality industry.